30 September 2009

Makin' Those Family Memories

I know I told you about visiting Mammoth Cave a couple of weeks ago, but did I mention that we camped there that night? In a tent, no less.
The vote is still out as to whether or not I'm a good camper~both times I've camped it has rained. And I mean all. night. long. Even with a good tent you get a little damp and that's just not my idea of fun.
But we actually did have a good time while we were there. Except when Mr. B decided he needed to know what a lantern felt like and we had to nurse a slightly burned finger.
The kiddos slept great in the tent, even in the dampness. I, on the other hand, woke up at midnight when the rain started, then again at 1 and 2 and 4:30, then finally at 6:10. Sleeping in the rain in a tent is not the same as sleeping in the rain in, say, a camper. Completely different.
When we woke up at daybreak and the downpour was still steady, we decided that it was time to pack it up and hit the road home. That process went remarkably smoothly and we headed to our next stop: a warm and dry Bob Evans restaurant for breakfast:)

Even if I'm dreaming of one day owning that beautiful vintage Airstream, I'm pretty sure we'll be tent camping again soon. It's just a great experience, especially for the kiddos. The locals at campsites are always interesting, too.

Oh~and I have to tell you, one of my favorite things about visiting the National Parks and Historic Sites is the Junior Ranger program. Its an educational program for children of all ages. The booklets are available for download or you can get one at the visitor center when you go.
As you spend time at the park there are corresponding activities in the booklet to help your kiddos learn. There are different age level activities so that no one is left out, although you may have to help your younger kiddos do a little writing. Each age group has a certain number of activities they need to complete before earning their Junior Ranger badge and getting their certificate. So far my kiddos have earned badges and certificates for three different parks. I'm looking forward to them having a big collection. They love doing the workbooks! Its a great way to add some educational fun into the traditional park visit and I'm all about that.


Betsy said...

You are such a good sport to go camping in a tent...especially in the rain! I bet the kiddos loved it! I'm loving that wild turkey!

The Park Wife said...

State Parks have wonderful Junior Ranger programs too!!!! Glad you guys had fun. I just stumbled on your blog, love it.
The Park Wife