24 September 2009

Mammoth Cave National Park

Last week we visited the longest cave in the world~367 miles long! Pretty amazing! Since we were in the area for Vince's speaking engagements we thought it would be a great field trip for the kiddos. They have a ton of tours available in different parts of the cave, and there were several that looked really interesting, but we opted for one of the shortest tours that looked like it would be best for The Princess and Mr. B.
We decided on the *Frozen Niagara* tour. This part of the cave is one of the few that has stalactites, stalagmites, collumns and flow stone formations. Mammoth is mostly a dry cave and in order to have these types of formations there must be moisture.
Even though this was a short tour, it was amazingly beautiful. The formations were so varied and intriguing. I realize these photos are a little dark, but it was the best I could do in a dark cave with a flash:)

I hope that we get to go back someday and take another tour or two. Have you been there? I'd love to hear your other tour recommendations.


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I've never been there. We always went to Blanchard Springs in North Arkansas when I was growing up. It seems like we had a field trip every year, and sometimes I would go with my grandpa in the summer if he took one of his siblings when they would visit.

We went as a family in 2003 to Meramec Caverns in Missouri. It was pretty also, but nothing as big as this. It was known as a hideout for Jesse James though!

Lora said...

I've heard that Blanchard Springs is beautiful~I've thought about taking a trip there. Where is it exactly?

Michelle M. said...

We drove through that area once, but only quickly stopped at the caves. I hope to go back there again when the kids are older.