20 September 2009

*The Niagara of the South*

There are many beautiful sights to see in Kentucky~it's always been one of my favorite states to visit. While we were in Southeastern Kentucky this past week we only had a couple of days to do some sightseeing. While I have traveled with my parents over a vast majority of KY and also attended youth camp as a teenager in KY, my husband and children have not spent nearly as much time there. So I got busy looking up some sights to see near the area we were in (London). Cumberland Falls State Park was definitely on the list!

It's about 20 miles from Corbin, KY, right off I-75. If you're in the area, you should really take a detour here. It's a lovely drive into the park.

They call these falls *The Niagara of the South*. While that may be a bit of a stretch, they are still very beautiful and definitely not a sight you see every day. The wooded surroundings make it very picturesque, too.

The coolest thing about Cumberland Falls is that if you visit here on a clear night with a full moon you can see the only *moonbow* in the Western Hemisphere. Impressive, eh? I will definitely be paying attention to the cycle of the moon when I schedule my next trip:)


Lisa said...

Wow! It might not be Niagara, buts its really beautiful. It looks like ya'll had a great time too!

steviewren said...

Very pretty. I've only driven through Kentucky once on the way to and once on the way back. We should have taken some detours. The falls are very pretty...and now I'm off to look up Moonbow. I've never heard of that.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Looks like an awesome day, and very pretty too. Except for the falls, it looks a lot like where I grew up in North Arkansas. We had the rivers and lakes, and I guess if you count when they had the flood gates open on the two dams as falls, it would be just the same! :)