17 September 2009

Southern Fried

Today we took a little lunch break in Corbin, Kentucky and had some classic Kentucky Fried Chicken to eat. Even if the food was run-of-the-mill fast food, we really enjoyed the atmosphere.This is the original cafe owned by Colonel Harlan Sanders.
He actually had a gas station, a motel and a cafe all together.
Below is a picture of a model of his businesses.The restored cafe features a modern day KFC restaurant
along with a mini museum of KFC memorabilia. Vintage restaurant signs

Colonel Sanders' office

His original kitchen
Colonel Sanders actually had a model of one of his motel rooms set up inside his cafe, because he said he knew that the wife/mother always checked out the rooms before giving the *go ahead* to the husband to check them in. So he made it easier for her to check over by giving her the opportunity while she ate her dinner.
the motel room model

Vince & the kiddos checking out the memorabilia
Me & the Colonel


Betsy said...

Check out those prices! I think the bucket shrunk and the price grew! LOL! I don't think I've ever seen the original store...very quaint! Yummy lunch, too, I bet!

Lisa said...

How fun! The Colonel was quite smart to put the model motel room in the restaurant.

Michelle M. said...

We're not too far from there and I've wanted to make a trip for some time. It looks like a lot of fun.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Cute! Who knew?