08 October 2009

An Alphabet Search: Some Preschool Fun

Here is a fun alphabet letter project that my preschool-age son enjoyed this week. It's great for upper case/lower case letter recognition and also for fine motor skills.
I got this fun idea from Playful Learning~the chart is here for downloading. I am loving this site, by the way! I can't wait to browse through it entirely for more great resources.
After I printed off the chart for the upper case alphabet letters, I got out a stack of magazines that were headed for recycling, a pair of childrens' scissors and some stick glue. Then my son got busy searching through the magazines for the letters. He had so much fun cutting out the letters, then gluing them onto the chart. I have to say, I felt a little bad that I hadn't let him use the scissors more before now, because he was a little rusty on how to use them properly. He's just so *all boy* that I've been a little afraid of what might happen if he got a hold of scissors-ha! But he got the hang of them quite nicely and did such a great job--and had so much fun doing it, too! He's very proud of his finished chart.
My son is four years old and really does know the alphabet and letter sounds quite well. In fact, he's starting to sight read words all on his own. I'm feeling a little behind on starting to teach him to read. He's SO full of energy and can hardly sit still that I didn't realize until recently just how ready he is to read. I had planned to take one more year to do simple preschool worksheets and fun projects with him. And while we will still do a lot of that, I plan to start phonics with him this month. Teaching my daughter to read has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done and I'm looking forward to teaching my son, too!


Vince Farrell said...

He looks so proud with accomplishment!
I'm so proud of him, too!!!
Love you and miss you.

Christie said...

What a cute idea! I did a similiar activity with my 4yr old son this week but we only used the letter S (his letter of the week). He had so much fun, I think we'll have to try out the whole alphabet. Thanks for passing along the great website! They do have a lot of great resources.