18 October 2009

Menu Plan Monday: Oct 19th~24th

Whew...we made it through last week! It was a busy one! Thank goodness for meal plans, I have no idea what I ever did without them. Now if I could just get the planning down for breakfast and lunch, too. That would be nice.

This week should be a little slower (hopefully!) because I am in desperate need of some time at home. Talk about being behind on housekeeping, I've got quite the *to-do* list going.

Things that really, really need to get done this week are:
  • finish changing out the clothes for the seasons in our closets
  • clean, clean, clean!
  • iron what's in the ironing basket

I'm so glad that the menu plan in good to go for the week:

Monday: Potato soup for the fam; Moms' nite out for our homeschool group
Tuesday: Fish stick po'boys and baked potatoes
Wednesday: (meal at church)
Thursday: Turkey pot pie*
Friday: Chili dogs & frito chili pie
Saturday: Quiche Lorraine*
*I'll be sharing these recipes later in the week

I'm in the mood for some good comfort foods this week, so I'm making some old faves. What are some of your comfort foods?

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Rona's Home Page said...

Looks like your family is going to have some delicious meals!