22 October 2009

A Perfect Fall Day

This week we started a new unit study on *Autumn*. We're enjoying learning all about the seasons and much more! The study guide we're using is a freebie unit study that I received from The Old Schoolhouse magazine (love them!) and its really fun. Each day there are tons of fun outdoor activities suggested, so we decided that *nature walking* at Nana and Papi's house was in order. Yesterday was the perfect fall day, the weather couldn't have been nicer.
My parents' house is built on a lot that is less than an acre in size, but you would not believe the trees they have! Literally hundreds! So there are leaves in abundance~much to my children's delight!
Every fall they talk about how they can't wait to jump in the leaves at their Nana and Papi's house. And jump they do!! Besides walking in leaves, jumping in leaves and picking leaves (I have a project I'm working on that I'll show you soon), we also did a little gathering of acorns and even checked out some *walking stick* bugs. After that it was nature journal time. The journals that they're keeping are turning out great! They really enjoy them and I love looking at them. They're going to be a great keepsake from our year. I can tell this will probably become a project for each year from now on.
What are some of your favorite fall outdoor activites? I'd love to know!


Betsy said...

Ah, learning made fun! I love it! And it just wouldn't be fall without raking and jumping in the pile of leaves! I think walking in crunchy leaves is one of my most favorite things!

Michelle M. said...

Cute photos. My son would love that stick bug. He is always finding bugs anywhere we go; he even picks up the dead ones.

Tanyia said...

My youngest and I are starting a plant journal as right now she is learning about plants in our science lessons. Today we were at the grocery store and found a gorgeous Magnolia seed pod with seeds and some dried leaves. So we gathered some up for her to start her journal with. I just love this time of year!