14 October 2009

Puddle Jumping...Or More Accurately:The Puddle That Almost Swallowed Me

We had THE MOST FUN yesterday at The Wild Things Farm in Pocola, OK! And we almost didn't. Our homeschool group had this field trip planned for several weeks and then it turned out to be a Very.Rainy.Day. Very.

So, being the neat-freak that I am and not enjoying being damp in my clothing, decided that maybe that meant our field trip was cancelled, or at least postponed. But when our fearless leader said *Come on anyway and enjoy the mud!*, I thought *Well, maybe...* It really wasn't cold, just wet. Because wet AND cold would've definitely been a deal breaker:)

So...we went for it. And I'm so glad we did! Even though my jeans were soaked and caked with mud all the way to the knees by the time we left and the kids were soaked to the skin from jumping in puddles. It was totally worth it! A day we will always remember.

On the hayride

Lovely, even on a wet, gray day

On a mission in the corn maze

Picking some corn along the way

Choosing just the right pumpkin

The perfect pumpkin

What are these funny, adorable animals?!

Rubber duck races

Feeding those crazy goats

And now I must show you just how brave/wet/crazy of a mama I was at the farm. Behold, the progression of the mud:

Beginning the corn maze

A little further into the corn maze

No longer even trying to not step in puddles~there was nowhere else to step!

That crazy mud nearly sucked my shoes right off my feet! I didn't have any cool rain boots like my kiddos. I'm putting those on my Christmas list:)


Vince Farrell said...

I'm proud of you hon! ;)

steviewren said...

What a mess! I lost a pair of shoes in a mud hole once. I had no idea how deep the mud went, sunk up to my knees and lost my shoes in the process of getting myself out. Your kids look like they loved it.

Valerie said...

Oh well - what's a little (or a lot) mud when you can spend time with your family and make wonderful memories...right? :)

Kari said...

THAT LOOKS SO FUN!!! =) Wish I could've gone along. haha

Betsy said...

What a good sport you are!