04 November 2009

A Fall Visit to the Nature Center

sculpture outside the nature center entrance

This week we went with our homeschool group to our local nature center. This place is truly a local treasure. We've been there several times and we just love it! This was our first visit in the fall though, and what a great time to go! The weather couldn't have been more perfect. If you live in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area and you've never been here before, GO NOW! You'll love it!
I must warn you, I have a lot of *favorite* pics to share today (I know, you're shocked:). So let's get started:

Heading off on our chosen nature trail

Crunching through fall leaves is so satisfying.

The pine grove was beautiful! I love pine trees!

Taking a break:)

The best kind of spider web!

The kids had a blast on this!

Watching the ducks and geese after our picnic.

They are always so peaceful to watch.

Following our outdoor adventures was some fun and learning insided the Nature Center's main building. Their displays are interactive and fun, plus there's the Discovery Room with even more hands-on fun.

What would I look like as a deer?

Who knew that deer had such big ears?!

Fishing in the (magnetic) pond~this is always the favorite activity!

Visiting with a box turtle.

My son, the puzzle lover:)

Looking for different fish during our indoor scavenger hunt.

It's *Critter Crunch* time~watching the worker feed a mouse to a king snake.

I hope you made it through this very photo-heavy post, because I saved my favorite picture for last.

Even though Mr. B was rather naughty at times during our field trip, and he and his sister even got into it on the nature trail~a scuffle that ended with The Princess having a bloody nose (if you even look at her nose the wrong way, it bleeds!)~I still had a great time with them and they are still the best kiddos God could have ever blessed me with!!


Sherry said...

So fun! Well, except for the scuffle, huh?

Anonymous said...
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Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Our local nature center is very similar, but not nearly as cool. That spider web is way too much -- I can see why the kids loved it!

Michelle M. said...

You are such a great mama! That trip looks like a lot of fun. I think I would have enjoyed it as much as the kids.