11 November 2009

Getting in the Holiday Spirit...or Spirits

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday. He wanted to celebrate by taking us all out for lunch and then to see the new version of A Christmas Carol. We said "YES", of course.

Now we did glance at the review for the movie, although we were already looking forward to seeing it. When the review we read said it was maybe "the scariest version" he'd ever seen and gave a few examples, we thought "oh, okay, we'll just cover the kiddos' eyes for that scene". And cover we did, bless their hearts.

It is really a great movie, just about the best ever done probably. Although my personal live action favorite is definitely the George C. Scott version. But this one was great! And it was scary! I mean, it is a ghost story, right? And Disney definitely made the most of Charles Dickens' story. The kiddos did get a little scared, but all was well in the end (lots of eye-covering:) And of course, there's the happy ending which makes it all better.

Now I'm really in the Christmas spirit!


Kari said...

That horse and carriage scene freaked me out, too. =) haha

steviewren said...

My girlfriend went to see it and she loved it too.

Tanyia said...

We went and saw it as well, and my 8 yr old took off the 3d glasses and hid her head during most of the ghost stuff...she was not digging it at all!

Lora said...

My 6-yr-old daughter was the same way! She definitely didn't like the ghost parts--they even made me jump at times:)

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear the good reviews! And what a sweet way for your dad to celebrate his birthday! ... but I usually don't allow myself to get in the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving! even tho I kind of have to for my work. :-)