23 November 2009

My Search for the Holy Grail....I Mean, the Perfect Cranberry Sauce

I don't know what it is with me and my sister, but it seems like every year at Thanksgiving we are always searching for that *perfect* cranberry sauce recipe.

I really don't know why that is, because in all of our growing-up-years we never had any other kind except the jellied kind from the can. You know, the one that still has the grooves from the side of the can impressed on it. And that never bothered us before.

But somehow, somewhere, we must've discovered real cranberry sauce and now we are compelled to find that perfect sauce for our Thanksgiving feast.

One of our family's favorite recipes is one that I got from my husband's step-grandma, Mama Jane, not long after I was married. It's the one we revert back to when a new one has bombed royally. It involves canned whole cranberry sauce, raspberry jello, celery, etc. Mucho yum-o!! I should definitely share that one with you!

Another we have tried is this one with jalapenos from Martha Stewart. I loved it (I made it), but everyone else didn't have much to say. Then there was the one that involved red cabbage that my sister loved (she made it), everyone else...not so much.

This year I was all set to make our fall-back-favorite from Mama Jane, until I saw this from The Pioneer Woman. Good 'ole P-Dub just has the most irresistible recipes. Or maybe it's all those photos. They always have me practically drooling by the time I've scrolled to the bottom of the page. It's really not fair!

So anyway, I'm going for it. I checked with my sister to see if she thought it looked acceptable, but I'm not telling anyone else about the switch-a-roo. I'm just showing up with it:) I'll definitely let you know how that goes.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on cranberry sauce. Do you have some fabulous recipe that I need to try next year? I'd love to hear all about it!!


Kathy Sandlin said...

Our family makes my grandma Carters cranberry recipe & I would never try anything else. The texture is more coarse because you only use whole cranberries chopped, lrg cherry jello one apple & one orange chopped (no orange peel) O I forgot the sugar I think its a cp or 2. If ever want to try Ill send the recipe.This is from memory. Good !luck with your new recipe. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Lora said...

Mmm...Kathy, that sounds really good! And our grandmas' recipes are always the best, aren't they? I'd love for you to send it to me~thanks!
And Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!

Lisa said...

Homemade cranberry sauce sounds yummy! I DO love the food during Thanksgiving week. I really think I should wear sweatpants starting today though, because I already feel my pants getting too tight!!! Just think, this week starts the holiday season....with all the yummy holiday food associated with it :) I might need to buy more sweatpants lol.

My family and Rick's family getting to know each other is a huge blessing. One I never thought would happen. If there is anything that we are focusing on this Thanksgiving, it is the gift of restored family. I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving Lora!