18 November 2009

We Got *Leaf-ed*!!

This morning I woke up to a most surprising sight. As I was opening the blinds on the windows facing our backyard, I was shocked to see the ground covered in leaves. Now I'm sure you're thinking, "well, it's Fall, isn't it?! Doesn't everyone's yard have leaves?" Nope, not ours and not our neighbors' yards either. We live in a new subdivision that has NO trees in sight. I mean, you might see a sapling here or there, but nothing that's even taller than the front door of a house. But I was so amazed by the sight of leaves that I actually looked at the other yards to make sure there wasn't a tree that they could've blown from. Nope, not one in sight.
I ran to tell Vince: "Someone has played a practical joke on us, but it's a good one!" He took one look out the window and said "This is good?!" I guess he hasn't been missing our previous yard as much as I have. LOL I was actually happy to see the leaves!

And, yes, it was a joke~or rather more of a fun surprise for my kiddos. My sister, Kari, and her friend, Tiffany, decided it would be fun to spread leaves around our backyard before we got home from our trip so the kids could play in them. Kari knows how much they love playing in leaves and they have missed their *old* yard, too. The best part of the surprise: they said it comes with the guarantee of leaf clean-up whenever we're ready for it!


Tanyia said...

That is seriously adorable and fun, and wow what a great gift!

Kari said...

It was totally worth it! =) I just wish I could've seen your face when you found them. haha

steviewren said...

If I'd only known I would have been happy to share my yard of leaves with you as well!

I remember loving to jump in piled up leaves when I was a child. We didn't have trees either so I had to wait until the neighbor kids raked theirs.

Lisa said...

I thought of you this morning. When we went to get in the car this morning to head to school, we were suprised to see that our neighbor's car was completely covered with leaves! She either has a practical joker for a friend....or has made someone mad :)

Michelle M. said...

That is so sweet, especially the cleaning up part :) We only have two tiny trees in the yard of our new house, so the kids won't be playing with any leaves this fall.