26 January 2010

Happy Birthday, Hotel Lutetia!

(the front of the hotel~photo from Hotel Lutetia)

I recently learned (from a favorite blog o'mine, Paris Daily Photo) that the hotel where Vince and I honeymooned is having a birthday. I just have to share this little treasure with you.

(the lobby~photo from Hotel Lutetia)

Vince and I got married in April of 1997 and he surprised me with a honeymoon in Paris, France. I know, I know...April in Paris! Yes, he was that romantic!! He planned the whole thing~I didn't even know where we were going until just a few weeks before the wedding. I was SO EXCITED!! And it was a wonderful trip and maybe I will share more about it soon (we do have an anniversary coming up).

(The St. Germaine Lounge~photo from Hotel Lutetia)

Today though I just have to show you the Hotel Lutetia on the Left Bank. Vince (& his travel agent) definitely picked a jewel of a hotel for us to stay in for our honeymoon. The Lutetia was the first Art Deco hotel built in Paris and is one of the few luxury hotels on the Left Bank. It just exudes Old World glamour!!

It has quite a history, too. Charles de Gualle honeymooned here, as did Josephine Baker. Several artists and writers have made it their home, including Matisse and Picasso. It also played a significant role during the occupation of Paris and the Liberation of Paris during the time of World War II.

(The Brasserie Lutetia~photo from Hotel Lutetia)

Along with our room package came this incredible breakfast buffet. I mean, I start drooling when I just think about it. It included fresh croissants and a multitude of other fresh breads, Madelines, all kinds of cheeses, eggs, bacon, broiled tomatoes, waffles, caramel creme, fresh fruits, delicious pastries, fresh juices and, of course, rich French coffee. (I imagine that you're drooling now, right?).

(a guest room~photo from Hotel Lutetia)

Our room was very much like the one in this photo. It even had an adorable little balcony with a view of the Eiffel Tower! It just doesn't get any better than that! It was perfect! Oh~and the bathroom had the coolest old-fashioned deep tub.

I wish so badly that I had a good camera on that trip. I do have pictures, but they aren't that great. But maybe I will get them scanned in and share some with you soon.

We also enjoyed the surrounding neighborhoods. We especially enjoyed the Jardin de Luxembourg which was just right around the corner. Of course, Paris is full of history and there is something intriguing at every step. But the Hotel Lutetia was a great jumping-off point for us. We enjoyed our time there so much and hope to go back again one day. If you are ever in Paris, I highly recommend it! The staff there was so friendly and helpful. We don't speak any French whatsoever (unless you count *merci*) and I have to say that we did not meet one single *snobby* French person the entire time we were in Paris. Everywhere we went the French people were absolutely wonderful to us!

Happy 100th Birthday, Lutetia!!

(detail of the building front~photo from Hotel Lutetia)


Lisa said...

YES, I was drooling as you described the breakfasts, wow! The hotel looks lovely. Paris in April sounds wonderful, especially right now when they're calling for ice and snow this weekend....

Valerie said...

Paris is my all-time favorite European city. (and I've been to several) I've been there 3 separate times and I'm always looking for an opportunity to go back. Can't wait!

Thanks for sharing. Au Revoir!

Kari said...

Hey, your pictures weren't "that" bad. =)

And, thanks, for not bringing up the less appetizing foods you encountered. haha

Lora said...

I thought about it...:)