16 January 2010

Remembering Haiti

our hotel in Port-au-Prince

I know that many of us have Haiti on our hearts this week. The earthquake has been such a tragedy for the already-poverty-stricken country.

a man selling his wood carvings outside our hotel

My only visit there was 20 years ago this very month. It was a very memorable trip! I was traveling with my family along with some other missionary couples for a couple of pastors' training seminars and also some other church services and ministry. Our time was divided equally between Port-au-Prince and a small town in the countryside, Petit Goave.

the streets of Port-au-Prince

One of the most terrifying experiences that I ever had was there. I won't go into detail now, but it was truly a miracle of God's protection that saved us from great danger in the slums of Port-au-Prince that dark night. It's a different world there. Each evening as you are drifting off to sleep, the voodoo drums are always beating in the not-so-distant air.

the mountains of Haiti

The people there are warm and friendly and we were well taken care of while we were there. I was just a young girl fresh out of high school, and while I had traveled extensively for my age, this was my first face-to-face with abject poverty. It was so heartbreaking to drive down the streets where raw sewage flowed on each side. As you passed, there would be a woman washing her clothes, a little further down a child splashing, even further people gathering *water* for other purposes.

a school in Port-au-Prince

During this time of devastation for these precious people, I hope that you are finding ways to be involved in relief efforts. There are many groups of integrity sending and taking aid there. One that I can personally suggest to you is my father's ministry, The Living Faith. My dad, Dale Yerton, has traveled there many, many times through the years and has 10 ministry groups there that he is working with during this time. 100% of proceeds go directly to Haitian Relief.

in the countryside at Petit Goave

Above all, please keep Haiti in your prayers.

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Bonnie Joy Kelley said...

My sister in law has had an orphanage in Haiti for 20 years. My children and grandchildren have spent summers there while I have never been...that is yet. I'm planning, PRAYING and preparing to go with WME this fall. ITS TIME to take the LEAP of FAITH and DIVE IN!!
LOVE sharing your heart friend. KEEP WRITING!!
Bonnie K