08 February 2011

Handmade With Love

My sister, Kari, is the coolest! She can sew!! I wish I could {sigh}. She made the kids the best Christmas gifts this year. I finally got pics of them all so I can show you.

For The Princess there were three new outfits for her doll, Caroline. Caroline is a knock-off of an American Girl doll and even though she has terrible hair she is much loved:) And we are all loving her new duds! A dress, a pant/top outfit and an apron complete with an oven mitt. Just adorable!

Now for Mr. B: he got light sabres! Fleece {stuffed with pipe insulation foam} light sabres (read: won't hurt others). They are pretty cool, I must say. And he just loves them!

My sister, Kari, made replicas of seven different Star Wars characters' sabres. Of course, Mr. B knew immediately which belonged to whom. He loves to battle it out with them, pretending to be different characters:)

I just adore handmade gifts!

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Kari said...

They were all fun to make, but I don't know how much longer I could've worked on the doll clothes without going crazy. =)