25 February 2010

Just Popping In

Hey, Y'all!

How's your week been? It's been a pretty good one here.

Monday night I hosted our homeschool group monthly Moms Nite Out. It was a lot of fun! There were about a dozen of us sharing frugal ideas, household tips and menu planning ideas. I even got to show off my homemade laundry soap {insert: ooo's and ahh's}. I was inspired by another mom to take my menu planning up a notch and start looking at a month at a time. I'm working on a series of seasonal menus to rotate. I've just begun, but whenever I get them finished I'll share them with you.

We've started a little science experiment this week, too: growing our own crystals. I have to admit that we actually started this experiment last week, but I completely goofed on the measurements and container. So in order to redeem myself, I picked up a new kit at Hobby Lobby. Don't worry, I'm documenting it with the camera (there might even be some video involved).

Right now I'm just relaxing at the kitchen table while our salmon fillets marinate for dinner. And I'm getting ready to try a new stir fry recipe to go with the salmon, so wish me well!!

Have a great evening!

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