21 February 2010

Menu Plan Monday: February 22nd

I'm back in the saddle again this week with the menu planning. Last week was a rough week in many respects and my plans were not always on target. But this week should be better. There's much less on the calendar for this week (yea!).

However, I am hosting our homeschool group February's Moms Nite Out at my house tonight. I'm looking forward to that! I really do enjoy having people over. Of course that means getting the house cleaned up, right? But I've found that having company is one of the best ways to get your housecleaning done~at least it's great motivation for me:) Yesterday the weather was so nice that I was able to have the windows open, airing out the house, and cleaning up a storm. It felt great! What's your best motivation to clean?

Here's what's cooking this week:

Monday: 15 Bean Soup* with cornbread
Tuesday: Steak & Potato Scallop with a veggie
Wednesday: Potato Soup with Fresh Bread
Thursday: Baked Salmon and Fresh Stir Fry*
Friday: {date night}
Saturday: Slow Cooked Sloppy Joes* with Baked Potatoes

*These are new ones for me that I plan to blog about this week. I'm curious about the 15 Bean Soup~have you ever made that before and how did you make it? There seems to be about 15oo ways to make it!

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Anonymous said...

Yum! I havent' made potato soup in forever! I think i'll have to put that on my list for next week! As for incentive to clean, just getting sick of the mess! lol! I have 4 kids, and watch 2 more, so you can imagine that my place doesn't stay clean for long! lol!