02 February 2010

One Thousand Gifts: Winter

0041. taking a drive in a *winter wonderland*~on clear roads

0042. sledding with my kiddos for the first time

0043. having a snowball fight with my son

0044. seeing the intricate beauty that God created in each tiny snowflake

0045. sipping on *Constant Comment* with honey while watching the snow fall

0046. taking a walk in the brisk air of a winter day

0047. feeling like a kid again yourself

0048. being thankful for all of that *snow play* laundry because it means we have plenty of clothes.

0049. heated car seats on a freezing day

0050. seeing the creativity of God even in the bare, but frosted, branches of the trees

holy experience


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

You've still gotten WAY more snow than us this year! But I'm happy for you and the kiddos, because we still got a little (and I hear there's always a chance of a spring blizzard), and I know it's only a rare winter for us. I'm glad it came while your kids were such a perfect age and could enjoy it so much too!

Lora said...

Thanks, Kayren! It really has been a great winter!

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