17 February 2010

Please Tell Me My Kids' Over-Active Imagination Is Completely Normal

OK, just for the record, I LOVE that my kids have great imaginations! I always have had a great one, especially as a child. I was an only child for 9 years and never had any problems keeping myself entertained. But my kids have me shaking my head some days.

They are only 2 years apart and they play very well together. They fight very well together, too. I guess that comes with the territory though. Plus we homeschool, so they are together a lot.

They have this tendency~and have had for a long time now~to completely immerse themselves into acting out whatever favorite movie they're into at the time. Currently it's *Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs*. They are going to be inventors! In case you haven't seen this movie, it's nothing like the book, but it is cute. And it celebrates the *nerdy inventor type*.

The movie came out last September and we all saw it together at the theater. And that was fine, no repercussions. But when Vince bought the dvd in December, life as we knew it ceased to exist.

Nearly every day since they discuss all the things they are going to invent (mostly all the things from the movie + a few more~my daughter has a massive list). My son draws all of his favorite "invention things" from the movie and likes to wear a lab coat when he can find something that will work as one. He carries his *kill code* (for the out-of-control food-making machine, of course) everywhere. They tell me all the time how they are going to make my life so easy with all of their inventions, I'll never have to do housework again. LOL I'm all for that, of course!

At the dinner table they hold their plates up and pretend that their food fell from the sky. And this is the end of February, people! They've been doing this for almost 3 months now! I tell my husband it's all his fault, since he bought the movie when I wasn't there. heehee

And they've only watched it a few times since we bought the dvd. We can't handle it any more.

I'd love to hear if your kiddos are as imaginative (obsessive) about certain things. I hope this is normal~I've been told that an active imagination is a sign of high intelligence. :)

Just today I found a unit study for our homeschool that is *all about inventors*. They are going to LOVE it! It's pretty cool, too, I'm looking forward to it.


Valerie said...
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Valerie said...

While I don't have kids, Lora, I think yours are perfectly normal and will grow up to achieve great things. No worries.

My sister was like your kids - she had an amazing imagination when she was a child. She still has memories of events that never happened! (only in her mind...) I
Take heart. Phases don't last forever. :)

Kari said...

I know that I did this as a kid, so I suppose they came by it naturally. How often did we "become" Nancy Drew and "investigate" the neighbors? haha

Leann said...

Over active imaginations - no such thing! It's so wonderful to hear they have an imagination in this age where everything is told or given to children and they don't have to think.

Bravo I say!