30 March 2010

Have I Mentioned That We Have Worms?

Pet worms, that is.

One of the classes that was offered for our homeschool group's spring co-op session was *Worms*. Now what child isn't enticed by that name? Frankly, I was excited, too! It sounded like fun.

So for about 3 weeks now we have had our very own worm bed with probably about 50 red earthworms. They live in a plastic bin full of the stuff they like to eat. They are vegetarians, in case you didn't know, with a little paper on the side.
Some interesting things I've learned about worms these past couple of weeks, besides the usual anatomy stuff:
  • If you leave the food scraps in the box too long, everything starts to get fuzzy and green and stinky.
  • Worms turn things into *dirt*, otherwise known as *worm castings*, otherwise known as *poop*.
  • Worms like to live in and eat damp newspaper, while turning it to *dirt*, of course.
  • Apparently we are going to have baby worms soon.

I'm looking forward to releasing our little friends into my garden in a month or so. That will be fun!Oh~and that beautiful full moon you're looking at this month is called the *Worm Moon*. It was named that because of the thawing of the earth after winter and the increased activity of the earthworms.


Kari said...

hmmm...I wonder if the lack of comments is due to the "gross-out" factor? =) I love the looks on the kiddos' faces. haha

Lora said...

LOL Maybe...

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

My kids would be all over this! We have pictures of them about this age with caterpillars crawling all up and down their arms in NJ. If we'd known how to keep them, they'd have been begging.

Did you have a kit to start with? We did water frogs that way, and I know you can do ants farms.

Lora said...

The mom that's teaching the co-op class ordered them online. If you want, I'll be happy to ask where she got them. And I'll be more than happy to share how we're caring for our worms, too:)

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I'd love to know. Just email me when you get the info from your homeschool mom please, and let me know how you're caring for them (especially stink control!).