09 March 2010

Help! I'm Buried in Keepsakes

It all started with doing a quick inventory of the kiddos' summer clothes. It quickly snowballed into me trying to keep my winter goal of going through all of the storage tubs in the garage.

Apparently I am a keepsake junkie. Eleven storage tubs are currently spread out all over my living room. I had NO idea how much stuff I've saved so far for my kiddos. Hello~they are only 6 and 4! I am out of control! In an effort to regain control~and make my hubby happy~I am trying to purge... somewhat.

Actually, it's a good thing. Because I apparently had forgotten to ever go through my son's clothes as he outgrew them. I still have tons of baby boy clothes that I had totally forgotten about. I couldn't believe it! And as I am going through the other *keepsake* tubs, I am looking at some things with more perspective and realizing that I've saved too much.

So I am working on paring it down to the *really special* outfits, such as, the one they wore home from the hospital, had their first photo taken in, wore for their church dedication.... Instead of Every Single Cute Outfit They Ever Owned. You understand.

So if you don't hear from me in a few days, start looking under the burp cloths.


Jenna said...

As a mommy of 3, I find it hard to purge, or even look at. Ive had my sons clothes in bins since he grew out of them, now that I have 4 bins of his, I find it TOUGH to let go...even with the clothes with tags still on. I also have my daughters clothes, who is now 2, but am currently using them on my 3 month old. I also have 4 bins of hers and cannot force myself to let go. If you know of an easy way please share, I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it...even though i know I no longer need them(in my mind)!!!! HelP!!!

Betsy said...

sounds like a garage sale is in order!

Nancy said...

well, now I don't feel so bad about all my bins! :)

Don't know what you're planning on doing with all the "castoffs" but we have a few area consignment sales that are a great way to make money from old clothes, plus find a lot of great deals on new clothes (and toys) for the kiddos. I've noticed at least two of them have sales in your area, too. You might check 'em out...of course you can always drag your stuff up here and make a weekend of it with me! ;)

Lora said...

I know, it IS tough to part with all of those precious clothes! But I have narrowed it down to one large tub per child by choosing only the special occasion outfits (mostly from the 1st year) and then a few everyday faves and some hats and shoes. Well, I say one tub...each child also has one tub that has all of their special blankets & quilts in it. :)))) I'll post more on this soon!

Lora said...

You are so right! That's what I'm thinking, too!

Lora said...

That's a great idea~I love those sales. The big one for the FS area is right when we'll be out of town, but I may check into these others. Thanks!