28 March 2010

It's Chick Flick Time!

I'm trying to take advantage of Vince being out of town by watching some fave *chick flicks* (otherwise known as "movies Vince really isn't into) while he's not here. Do you do this, too, when your husband is out of town?

Last night I watched *Sense and Sensibility* while giving myself a pedicure. So nice! I hadn't watched it in a long time and it's such a great movie. I always love Emma Thompson~she's so talented! One of my favorite lines is: "If you cannot think of anything appropriate to say, you will simply restrict your remarks to the weather!" Classic!!

Tonight it's going to be one of these three:

It'll depend on my mood:)

What are some of your fave chick flicks? I'm always looking for a good new-to-me movie, so leave me a comment!


Anne Marie said...

Hi Lora! Well, those are two of my favorites - and there's a foreign film I like called "Babette's Feast" but it's really rather not a 'chick flick' but visually artistic nonetheless -

the new P&P I have had to watch over 30 times I think -
thanks for stopping by the farm!!

Anonymous said...

well Lora

i watch chick flicks with my husband, he's good to me that way....but he also works shifts, so when he's gone for the evenings, I tend to indulge in some girly movie here and there, and I sit and do some crochet or drawing....in my journal....

favourites are:

a walk in the clouds
Julie and Julia

anything jane austen

no reservations
kate and leopold
you've got mail

anything with jennifer lopez...like monster in law...

oh the list goes on and on...maybe I should do a post about it! lol

ciao bella

Lora said...

Anne Marie~
You know, I have always heard great things about Babette's Feast, but have never seen it. I need to see if it's on Netfix...because I know none of the video stores around here will have it. We live in redneck country:))

Lora said...

We definitely have very similar tastes in movies! I've seen all those you listed except No Reservations.
And my hubby will usually watch them with me, too...ONCE:)) Then after that I'm on my own. LOL

Nancy said...

Great pics, Lora! Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice are two of my faves. I also love Emma (that was the first Jane Austen flick I saw).

I also love Chocolat (with Johnny Depp) and musicals like Guys & Dolls, Singing in the Rain, etc.

Hubby will usually watch them with me, but he doesn't care for what he calls "forgeign" films...if anyone speaks with any sort of accent. He complains that he can't understand them. So he usually falls asleep half way through, and then I'm on my own after that, too! :)