22 March 2010

Menu Plan Monday: March 22nd

I am here to say that I survived last week! It was a busy one.

We had family over for dinner two different nights, we had a big St. Paddy's day celebration, I filled in for an absent teacher in two of the kiddos' co-op classes on Friday, there was a banquet to attend and we had The Princess' birthday party on Saturday...not to mention haircuts for all (except Vince, of course:), plus the usual numerous errands and such.

OK, I'm tired again thinking about it all.

Luckily we had LOTS of sugar to keep us going! Did I mention that I made three...yes, I said THREE, cakes this week? I really didn't plan that well, did I?

Of course, there had to be Birthday Cake...

...and Dirt Cake for the *All About Worms* co-op class...

and then there was also the Rainbow Cake we made for St. Patrick's day.

Can I just say....carried away?? Yes, I was.

So, NO more cake is on the menu this week. Unless you count something that will assuredly be made with my daughter's new Easy Bake Oven:)

Monday: Corned Beef Stew and Cornbread
Tuesday: {surprise day trip for The Princess' birthday}
Wednesday: Potato Soup
Thursday: {Tastefully Simple party}
Friday: Homemade Pizza
Saturday: Salmon, Baked Potatoes & a Veggie

Now, I must go work off some of that cake on the Wii Fit!

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