11 April 2010

Learning on the Sly

I am a huge fan of having fun while you learn! I mean, really, who wouldn't be?! I'm so grateful that I seem to be passing that trait along to my kids as well.

This weekend Fort Smith, AR celebrated it's 2nd annual *Heritage Festival*. So we headed downtown today for lots of educational fun. We had such a great time! I really love historic downtowns anyway, and Fort Smith has an especially colorful history.

First of all, we started the afternoon right with some good ol' Mexican food. You just can't beat chips and good salsa~not to mention bean & cheese dip! Then we were ready for some walking.

The Fort Smith Historic Site, which includes the oldest building in Fort Smith, the remains of the original fort and Judge Parker's courthouse and gallows, was hosting re-enactment tours throughout the grounds and courthouse. There were lots of volunteers for the re-enactments along with Park Rangers, too. Everyone did such a great job and was so informative, our kids loved it! It wasn't our first visit, but it was the first time to have people in period costume.

{some period music}

{federal marshals rounding up some outlaws}

{getting read for a hanging}

{Vince & the kiddos watching the preparations for the hanging.
Don't worry~they ended the tour before the ropes got on the
lawbreakers' necks:)}

{enjoying some ice cream at the old fashioned soda fountain
of the Fort Smith Historic Museum}

{the newly-reopened Park at West End~so cool!}

{Not sure about CJ, the cow, but she sure likes her lipstick!}

The weather was perfect, the learning experiences were wonderful (& free!) and the family time couldn't have been better. I'm having a great weekend!

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Michelle M. said...

That looks like a blast!

This is one of the things that I am most looking forward to about homeschooling.