18 April 2010

Menu Plan Monday: April 19th

I'm keeping this week as simple as possible in the kitchen. Vince is gone all week and the rest of us are preparing for a trip later in the week, too.

I will also be doing a small amount of freezer cooking (3 meals) so that we will be prepared when we get home from our trip. Two days after we return home we have company arriving. I thought having our meals already (mostly) prepared would greatly alleviate my stress levels since arriving home from a semi-long trip puts my house in a state of chaos. I can focus on laundry and cleaning then instead of cooking.

I'm actually feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all I have to do this week. But it'll all get done.

Oh~and did I mention that we are also wrapping up (the majority) of The Princess' schoolwork this week? I know, I'm all about trying to overdo it. When will I ever learn?!

I must tell you about our fave meal from last week though. I have been focusing on creatively using up leftovers and needed to use up some leftover grilled chicken and leftover mashed potatoes plus the remaining Easter eggs. So we had Salmon Patties with Potato Cakes and deviled eggs. It was such a hit! The salmon patties were absolutely delicious as was everything else~even the kiddos were fans of it all. I felt such triumph in creating a great meal out of random leftovers!

Here's what's cookin' this week:

Monday: Pinto Beans & Cornbread
Tuesday: Mac & Cheese w/Peas & Carrots
Wednesday: Bean & Vegetable Soup
Thursday: Whatever-I-Can-Scrounge-Up
Friday: Leave on our trip:)

What have you got going on in your kitchen this week?

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