12 May 2010

A Trip to the Creation Museum

On our recent trip we were able to visit the Creation Museum in the Cincinnati area. It was well worth the visit! If you live in or are visiting that part of the country, I highly recommend going! I am a museum lover and it is a very nicely done museum. My family was so impressed with the quality of everything.

Our family loves dinosaurs!

inside the main entrance

decoding a *secret* message

showing off their *secret* messages

perusing some of the displays

*Noah's ark-building site*

in the dinosaur room

in the beautiful gardens

more lovely flowers

at the petting zoo with a dromedary

feeding an alpaca

this guy gave me *the eye* and made me think "Demon Llama!!" lol

hamming it up in the gardens

While our children had a great time and really enjoyed the visit, this museum is most definitely not *just for children*. Had I not been wrangling little ones, I probably could have spent hours reading the many different and so interesting displays and research presented. They also have a wonderful gift shop filled with great resources. And as you can see from the pictures, the outside of the museum is just a nice as the inside with gardens and a petting zoo.

This was definitely one of our favorite field trips thus far!

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