30 June 2010

Fun with 4th of July Crafts: Part 2

Today the kiddos and I tackled a fun and simple craft for the 4th~patriotic rock painting! I saw a post on The Crafty Crow (love that blog!) that inspired us! And we did really enjoy ourselves.

First, I raided our craft supplies and got out the tempera paints in red, white and blue, plus an assortment of paint brushes. Then I set up a painting *station* of sorts for each kiddo, complete with paper towels and a cup of water for rinsing the brushes.

Then I sent the kiddos to choose some good rocks from their *collections* (aka: random rocks from the yard:). They were SO excited!

Then they got busy painting. I kept having to remind Mr. B to let one color dry before applying a different color over it. The hair dryer helped with this, fyi.

But finally their masterpieces were complete and I think they turned out GREAT!!

These are The Princess':

And these are Mr. B's:

I even got in on the fun and painted one. I have to say, painting rocks could be addictive it was so much fun!

They are gracing a rather bare-looking flower pot by my front door. What with the rocks and some patriotic pinwheels, it's starting to look festive!

Another 4th of July craft coming soon...


Shell-Belle said...

love them in the flower pot!!!! Another great idea! Mikey has been sick, so this could be a great idea to get him back into the swing of things!! ;] Thanks again for posting!

Lora said...

I hope you have as much fun painting rocks as we did! Glad Mikey is feeling better:)

Bonnie K said...

AWESOME!! U might wanna clear coat one or two for 'keepers'. Krylon Clear Spray. LOVE IT! HAPPY 4th!