21 June 2010

It's Blueberry Time!

This past week I heard that the blueberries were ripe at our favorite local farm. If you live in the Western Arkansas/Eastern Oklahoma area, you should really check it out! We always have so much fun there. And even though it is ridiculously hot here, we were having visions of blueberry muffins, blueberry pies, blueberry pancakes.... You get the idea. So we headed over to pick us some berries!

The bushes are really big and they were loaded with berries: both ripe ones and some yet to ripen.

The kids started out really excited, but the heat took over before long and soon they were hiding in the shade at the bottom of the bushes. So I just made them pick the ones down there:)

Aren't they gorgeous?! They were a really good size and so yummy!!

Yes, that is the face of someone sneaking blueberries:)

We ended up with 2 buckets full, which made one flat, which made two full gallon-sized bags for the freezer. Yum!

We've already been enjoying our favorite muffins. Next up, our favorite pie!!

I'm already planning a second trip for more berries:)


Miss Mommy said...

Okay, wow! I have never been blueberry picking- how fun! I can't even remember hot weather...in Scotland for the past 2 years, we are practically like the locals and break out in a sweat if it even gets close to 70! We are going to die when we move back!

Thanks for leaving a comment- always fun! The Arby's sauce has been a great reminder of home- buy some good rolls and frozen curly fries, and it's like we're back in TX!

Crickit said...

I love Blueberries and it looks like you and your "little helpers" had fun picking them. What a fun day together! :)