14 July 2010

Indoor Summer Fun

While summer is usually the time for outdoor fun, sometimes you just have to do something inside. We have needed some indoor stuff to do these past couple of weeks for a couple of reasons: 1) swimmers ear and 2) some days have just been too hot.

Thankfully I've had a few craft projects stashed away for just such a day~thanks to my sweet friend Paula for thinking of us when she had her big *clean out* a few months ago! She passed along a couple of projects by Crayola's Big Yellow Box (which I had never even heard of before) that were just perfect for my kiddos.

So when The Princess developed swimmers ear I knew just what to do. It was time to paint some bookends.
She and I worked on this little project together over several days. It was really fun and everything we needed was already there in the kit, thankfully. She did a great job painting and stenciling these. I only helped with some of the detail work that she wanted.

She was even more excited about finishing these because she has recently become a huge fan of The Magic Treehouse books by Mary Pope Osborne. And she really needed these bookends for her new books:)They do look adorable in her room, don't they?

Of course Mr. B also wanted to do a project, because that boy is all about the crafts, I'm telling you! At church he can hardly remember anyone's name from his class, but he is always over the top excited about craft time. It's kind of funny:)

Well, I had just the right project waiting for him as well: *Patches PJ Pouch*, which is basically a *stuffed* dog with a zipper pocked to hold your pj's and look cute on your bed.

The project here was to decorate Patches with felt cutouts that you just *peel & stick* on. Perfect for my 5-year-old. And he loves the whole pj pocket thing and is being diligent to put his pj's in there everyday. I love it!

Some other indoor, rainy day, too-hot day activities I have up my sleeve are some sewing projects, rocket-making projects, cooking projects...just to name a few.

I'd love to hear what you and your kiddos do on a day indoors!

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