08 July 2010

My Husband, The Man Who Cans Pickles

Apparently I'm not the only one in the family who gets completely bedazzled by all those beautiful fresh veggies at the farmers market.

My hubby is the one who grabbed the carton of *baby* cucumbers and said "let's get these and make some pickles!"

OK. I've never made pickles. I love to eat them though, so of course I said "sure!".

Sure enough he came home and got busy. I asked him about his recipe and he informed me that he'd watched a video online and had the recipe all up in his noggin. Well, alrighty...

But he was right and he made two different kinds of pickles, mind you. We have the "20 minute fast" version and the "2 day and even better" version. And we threw in some okra just for fun:)

And they are GOOD!!


Amber said...

Just want to say I think your blog is fantastic! Found you through the m2m blogroll. I too am a sahm and ministry wife. Can't wait to read more of your blog!

Lee Laurie said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comments. I really like your blog and I became a follower. You have a beautiful family.

Lee Laurie

steviewren said...

Looks good! My DIL gave me a jar of sweet pickles she made last summer. They were yummy and I've been meaning to put my order in for more.

Josh said...

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