19 July 2010

One Thousand Gifts

Listing these gifts, this "counting my blessings" has been such a wonderful reminder each week as to all of the many things that I sometimes so easily take for granted. It is a worthwhile endeavor and I highly recommend it!

0231. fresh veggies~the variety and beauty of all those displays at the farmers market is amazing!

0232. the joy of watching a harvest mature in my own tiny backyard garden

0234. cooking with my hubby

0235. cooking with my kiddos

0236. the fun that a tire swing brings to two kiddos and their grandpa

0237. endless squeals of joy from all that swinging

0238. watching my kids' excitement in learning about God's Word

0239. seeing how God is working in them and growing them

0240. knowing that God is still not finished working in me and through me

holy experience

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Amber said...

This is so neat! It is nice to sit and soak in the many blessing each day brings! Thank you for the reminder!