13 July 2010

Summer {Educational} Fun

While it hasn't been a big-event-filled summer, we are definitely having some fun times. It's all the *little moments* that really count anyway, right?

One of the *little moments* recently was a trip to our local nature center (which we LOVE). It's such a great place to hang out. This day we decided to bring the kiddos new fishing rods and try them out. And even though they didn't catch anything, they sure did have fun trying.

Another fun recent adventure was taking a *tour* on the Arkansas River. This was another program by our nature center in which you could reserve your spots (all for free) on the AR Game & Fish Commission's pontoon boat to take a 1.5 hour river tour in our area. We learned some of the important things you need to know in order to navigate the river, plus we enjoyed the sights. It was even overcast and not-too-hot that morning, the sun only came out in the last 10 minutes of our cruise. Perfect!

Another local program that I just discovered last week is a free story time hour at our local museum of history. We love the museum~especially the kiddos! And to get to go for free was a real treat! The story time was great~one of the museum volunteers read to us about one of the US Marshals who helped round up outlaws during the wild west days here on the border of Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). After the story she gave the kiddos a bit of a guided tour through some of the displays about the marshals. It was very interesting! I was proud of how well my kids listened. We have stopped going to the story times at the library because my kiddos have gotten a bit *old* for those, but this was much more on their level. Of course they were thrilled to be able to browse the museum before leaving:) Next time I hope we have time to visit the old fashioned soda fountain there!

We love to explore our local area and special events that they host! So you do that where you live? I'd love to hear about it~leave me a comment!


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I'm tickled that you have on earrings to accessorize with your life jacket! :)

Lora said...

LOL Why thank you:)