31 August 2010

Bullseye--Otherwise Known As...

...Egg-in-the-Basket, Birds Nest, Toad-in-the-Hole, Cowboy Eggs, Egg-in-the-Hole....the list goes on and on.

Whatever they're called, we love them!

My hubby first started making them for us. He had them growing up~I did not, although I'd seen them, recently...you know, in pictures from food magazines:) Once we had them though, we were hooked! And now I've taken on the preparation of them most of the time. Sometimes we even have them for lunch.

Here's how we make them:
  1. Take whole wheat sandwich bread and cut a 2"hole from the center using whatever works. I use a round biscuit cutter. Reserve the cut rounds.
  2. Melt a tablespoonful of butter in a small skillet on medium heat.
  3. Place your bread in the skillet...just long enough to soak up a little butter, then flip it over so the other side goes in the butter, too.
  4. Crack your egg directly into the hole in the middle and sprinkle on a little salt & pepper.
  5. Cook on low enough heat that your egg cooks not-too-quickly and your bread doesn't burn.
  6. When the egg is fairly well set, flip the bread over with a spatula and sprinkle on a little more salt & pepper.
  7. When the egg is cooked through and the other side of the bread is toasted, remove from skillet.
  8. Melt a little more butter in the skillet and place your reserved bread round in the skillet, toasting it on both sides. Serve on the side of your bullseye.
  9. Enjoy!


Carrie said...

YUM!! I learned about these from a friend! We've had them the last two years for our First Day of School breakfast!! ;)

I never thought about making them for lunch - my kiddos would love that!

Have a great day, Lora!

Amber said...

My husbands family makes these. They call them Flying Saucers though. Lol. I've never tasted one myself, but I've made many of them!

Crickit said...

We make these too and call them "Birds Nest". My kids loved having this for breakfast when they were younger. Thanks for the fun memory!

blessedmommie said...

We call them Toad in the Hole around here, and I just started making them recently. It took me awhile to figure out how to get the temperature so that the egg comes out just right. My 5 year old LOVES them!

Anonymous said...

My wife's family always made bullseye's and I have made them for our kids throughout the years. The kids love them and have carried on the tradition to their families. Just made them for lunch.