04 August 2010

Planning For the First Day of Back-to-{Home}school

Our first day of back-to-homeschool isn't until next month; we plan to start back the day after Labor Day. There is the chance...a slim one...that I'll finish my lesson schedule and we'll start earlier. Mr. B is begging:)

The Homeschool Village is discussing today how homeschool families celebrate the first day of school, so I've been giving this some thought as well.

For our previous *first days* we always have a nice breakfast, take special pictures and have a great lunch, along with doing some schoolwork. But I'm thinking maybe something more memorable is in order.

Some thoughts I've had are:
  • baking cookies together
  • gift wrapping their new school supplies and having them on their desks for them
  • having them draw a self-portrait for their school scrapbooks
  • doing a back-to-school art project
Also, unlike previous years, we are now a part of a wonderful homeschool support group and each year on the first day of public school in our area they host a *not-back-to-school* pool party at a local park for all of their members. How fun is that?! We are looking forward to it!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you plan to do with your kiddos~leave me a comment!

And to hear what other parents have planned, visit The Homeschool Village.


Hope Filled Living said...

I homeschooled our children and they are now in college. I miss it so much. We all have really fond memories of our days together. We always got excited about starting again in the fall. I always did things leading up to the first day to help the kids get excited, like working on a bulletin board, going to the teachers store with them to pick out supplies, and discussing with them what kind of literature they would like to read in the coming year, our goals, places we would like to visit. We started each school year out with a new journal to sketch and record special experiences. I tried to make going back as eventful for them as it is for the public school kids...some new clothes, new backpacks (to use for our field trips), always new shoes, and a dedicated classroom that I decorated seasonally.

Moderate Means said...

I love the not-back-to-school party idea! How cute is that?!?

We always took a picture, announced they were in a new grade and that was about it. I've never been particularly creative about that. They're in the school crowd now, so no more chances, but I'd probably still be boring anyway!

Have a great kickoff to the new year and I hope you have a great time at homeschool this year!!


Giggly Girls said...

All of your ideas sound great. We do something along the lines of a not-back-to-school celebration. Sort of... LOL

joyce:waddleeahchaa.com said...

All those ideas are great but the pool party sounds like the winner to me! :)

Layton Family Joy said...

Lora - I think I'm going to start the cookie tradition! What fun - and we love 'em! Best of luck - and enjoy the rest of August!

Thanks for linking up today!
The Homeschool Village

p.s. - that sure is a cut mouse!! Have you read the Mouse and the Motorcycle to the kids??

Tricia @Hodgepodge said...

I love the idea of a self portrait! We just might have to do that on a fun Friday afternoon :) Nice to meet you from the Homeschool Village. Thanks for stopping by at Hodgepodge.

Ryan said...

Good afternoon! This is Ryan from Alpha Omega Publications. I saw from Michigan Momma that you're starting your journey with Horizons this year. We hope you enjoy it!

I'm not an olive fan, but I've definitely never seen olives like that. Those are incredible. Be thankful for a thoughtful husband!

Deb Chitwood @ Living Montessori Now said...

Great ideas for having fun not going back to school! Self-portraits, gifts, and making cookies should all create wonderful memories. And a pool party?! ... now that’s one cool homeschool group!

Wendi said...

The pool party sounds like such fun!

D and A said...

The self-portrait idea is a great one. I may have to do that.

Nice list and thanks for visiting my blog, I enjoyed yours!

Amy @ Missional Mama