09 August 2010

Summer Reading Rewards

There has been a lot of reading going on at our house this summer! The kids have read right at 60 books so far~and they're still at it! This past week they began collecting their rewards.

They participated in the reading programs at our library, Borders, Barnes & Noble and Chuck E. Cheese. I have really been proud of them! They each got free books at the library and bookstores and there are free tokens to come at our visit to CEC~which will be soon.

I thought the choices of books to choose from were fairly good and I liked their picks. There weren't a lot on Mr. B's reading level (or near reading level:), but we found some good ones for him to *grow into*. I'm looking forward to reading the ones I haven't read before, such as: Johnny Treman and A Cricket in Times Square.

What have they been reading all summer long, you ask? Well, Mr. B has read (with me) many of Dr. Seuss' books among many others. The Princess' fave summer reads have been the Magic Tree House books. Of course, we are still reading through the Little House series as a family and we love those.

What are your kiddos reading? I love to hear about good children's books!


Moderate Means said...

Great books! Have you ever checked out Lesson Pathways? We used them last year and loved it. A lot of those books were on the list so if you are looking for some free lesson ideas, check them out :)


Renee said...

Hi Lora! Love those books! Cricket.. and Johnny Tremain are on our list for this year. Good for the kiddos!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Moderate Means~
I have not checked out those books before, but I will! Thanks for the suggestion!