09 October 2010

Don't Wait For the Fall Festivals-- Make Your Own Kettle Corn At Home!

I don't know about you, but *Kettle Corn* is always one of my fave things about going to craft fairs, festivals, etc. But we all know how pricey *fair food* is~even though we can't resist it most of the time (if you're like me, then food is your biggest expense at those events..ha)! I did buy a small bag of kettle corn last week at the AR Apple Festival and it was so good that I decided it was time to try this recipe that I'd found recently in one of my Among Friends cookbooks, Keeping Good Company. It turned out great! And was so simple to make! Plus it gives your arms a little workout in the preparation so you don't feel so bad eating it...haha

Kettle Corn
(Keeping Good Company, Among Friends)
1/3 cup oil
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup popcorn
Salt to taste
Heat oil and sugar in a pan (make sure you have a lid that fits well before you start!). Stir and add popcorn. Cover with lid and shake the pan vigorously until popping stops. Spread out onto a cookie sheet and lightly salt. Break apart when cool enough to handle.
Eat warm if possible:)

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Gwen Toliver said...

Things like this are always better at home! (not to mention cheaper! :)

"Eat warm if possible" -- things like this don't usually last long enough to cool at our house!