04 October 2010

Fall Fun

I love this time of the year! There are always so many events going on and great weather to enjoy. This past weekend was no exception! It was the Arkansas Apple Festival in Lincoln just up the *hill* from us in Northwest Arkansas.

The weather was simply stunning~sunny, but just cool enough that you needed a bit of a sleeve. Of course the drive up there was beautiful as always. Driving through the Boston Mountains has always been one of my favorite drives ever. We enjoyed walking around the festival and eating some yummy *fair food*, including fresh apples.

After visiting the fair, we drove into Prairie Grove which is right down the road and had fun browsing their antique shops. There are several really great antique shops in Prairie Grove! I've shopped them several times in the past, although this past weekend I was just window shopping:)

After that we decided it would be fun to meander through the Prairie Grove Civil War Battlefield. This particular battlefield is a state park and they have really done a great job with it. I hadn't been there in years, but I don't remember it being this interesting. It turned out to be a great field trip!

I admit it: I am a historic marker reader. There I said it. I know some people think that's nerdy, but I was raised by historic marker readers so it's just in my dna:) And this park was full of very interesting ones~I read them all!

There are several historic buildings in the park, including this house which once held the headquarters for the Confederate Army.

We had some fun with this old wagon!

This home and it's surrounding outbuildings were moved here from a small community a few miles away. They were all so interesting and very nice, I thought, for that era. The kiddos were especially fascinated because we have been reading the Little House series and places like this really bring that to life.

It was a perfect day for doing a little walking tour, although we didn't do the entire thing. There is lots to explore there! We really enjoyed looking at the church, the schoolhouse (below), the sorghum mill and the blacksmith shop. These were all leftover from the families who lived right where the battle took place.

I hope you're enjoying this Fall season and taking as many opportunities as you can to enjoy your family!


Kathy said...

Looks like a great day! And yes, I'm a nerd too - I read those markers too. You learn so many neat things from them!
We too have been loving the fall and enjoying many fun field trips - I figure we might not get to do as many in the winter when it's freezing so we might as well do them now. =)

joelle said...

Looks great. I have given you a beautiful blogger award.Come check it out here: http://homeschoolblogger.com/joelle/?p=784697