21 October 2010

Just So You Know

Don't worry, I'm not really buried alive in my bedroom...not yet anyway. I was hoping to have those *after* pictures for you by today, but as it turns out I'm still working in there. It seems like everything is going very slowly at my house this week.

Last week my husband really did a number on his back and his been mostly down for over a week now. He is self-employed and works from our home right now. I realize how dependent I've become on having him around all the time~he's just so handy. It's been slightly overwhelming this past week not having him truly mobile where he can do the stuff that he usually does around the house and with the kiddos. All of this definitely makes me appreciate him even more!

So this week has really taken its toll on me, it seems. I don't know when I've felt so tired. And it's been a combination of several things, not just my hubby being down.

But I got a good night's sleep, got my desk cleaned off last night, have coffee in hand (thank God for hazelnut creamer!) and I'm ready to tackle the day!

So Happy Thursday to you~I believe it's going to be a great day!

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