12 October 2010

Live Like You're Dying

Today I visited with someone whom I love very much and who is also facing a major life event very soon. This soon-coming event has the potential to have negative repercussions, but the odds are that it will have very positive benefits for this person instead.

And yet I realized today that this person has become paralyzed by fear. Ever since this event has been scheduled they have very nearly ceased *living*~in the joyful, vibrant, make-the-most-out-of-life kind of living. They have virtually holed up at home to just anxiously dread the coming event and hope they make it through.

While I have not faced this particular kind of life event, I have had some pretty major events to happen in my life. And I'm sure I will face more. Seeing this person's reaction to a crisis has made me look back and think about how I faced things in the past and wonder about how I will face them in the future.

In a couple of particular instances I know I struggled with being depressed over certain situations beyond my control, but ultimately I have learned to simply trust Christ and take each day one by one. There are so many things that we have no control over and I have learned from experience that worry simply does me nor anyone else any good whatsoever. Trusting God and making the most of every day and every opportunity is the choice I always want to make.

It made me think of the Kris Allen's song Live Like You're Dying. That is such an awesome song~with a powerful message. I wanted to share it with you today and urge you (and myself) to truly make the most of our lives and not be afraid to really live.


Tina said...


A beautiful written post....thank you for the reminder that worry really does you no good and following our faith is the only way to go.


Kathy said...

Such a great reminder! Ever since my Dad died I have been pondering the same thing and trying to live the same way. Of course sometimes real life gets in the way and yes I do get off track and worried and stressed about things I shouldn't. But I guess that's one of the reasons I love homeschooling the most - because we have more chances to slow down and enjoy every moment instead of rushing our kids onto a school bus each day. Thank you for sharing that beautiful song!!! =) Have a blessed day!