14 October 2010

Visiting My Grandpa's Woods

This past Tuesday we decided it was a great day to take the kids out to my grandpa's woods for the first time. It's really not my grandpa's anymore. He died in 1999 and my children never got to meet him; the land now belongs to my uncle's family. However, in my mind it will always be "Grandpa's woods".

As a child I spent many hours playing down there with my cousins, then as a teenager taking long walks with my family. Vince and I even cut our very first Christmas tree in those woods. They have a very special place in my heart.

We went with my parents for a picnic and a little fishing and just had so much fun simply hanging out there. The weather was perfect and I loved just looking around at the familiar sights that I hadn't seen in nearly 13 years. I hadn't been there since my grandpa died and I could almost see him out there just tinkering around.

The kids had a wonderful time, exploring and even catching a couple of fish! That day will be tucked away in my memory as a treasure-filled family moment.

I think we'll go back again soon!


Gwen Toliver said...

Gorgeous pictures - the scenery's not too bad either! :) We've been doing a lot of fishing lately too - what sweet memories with the kids!

Amber said...

How fun! LOOVVEE the fall colors peaking through the trees. Looks like a grand day!

Ellen said...

My parents have built a house across the road from where my mother grew up and where I spent so much time growing up, myself. Even though that house now belongs to my cousin, it will always be Grandmother and Papa's house to me.

It's precious to go back and visit special places, and even better to take your children along.