27 November 2010

And Thankfulness Did Abound

Whew! I made it through this weekend of food~hopefully my clothes will still fit! I have to start off with this picture of my beautiful peanut butter pie. It was so yummy!

Frankly, it was all amazing. We had an overabundance of food, that's for sure! This was the spread at my parents' house on Thursday. You can read all about what's on that island here. There were a couple of food bloopers: my homemade rolls didn't turn out well, I didn't beat the meringue on my pie long enough and I left the pumpkin bread for the pumpkin bread pudding in the freezer at our house (luckily my hubby was sweet enough to go get them for me:). But oh, well...right?

My sister decorated our table very prettily, including these fun place cards with turkey trivia.

It was a very relaxing day filled with watching the Macy's parade, cooking with my mom and sister, watching A Christmas Carol, playing Phase 10, having our annual ornament exchange and watching Punkin' Chunkin'. Good times!!

(Vince with his new Yoda ornament from the kiddos)

Then on Friday we did it all over again, in-law-style. We drove up to Tulsa to have the big dinner with Vince's family. It was a good day visiting with everyone. After stuffing ourselves yet again, we headed over to Bass Pro to take Santa pics.

On a side note: we don't teach our children to *believe* in Santa. Instead we teach them about St. Nicholas, modern-day Santa is just all in fun for us. It's all about the spirit of giving.

Then we had some fun playing with laser guns at Bass Pro and browsing around~we could spend hours in there!

Before heading back home we made our annual stop at Rhema Bible Church/School in Broken Arrow to view their lights. They have an amazing display every year~over 2 million lights (or something like that!). Mr. B calls it the *forest of lights*.

This morning I started my day with some coffee and leftover pumpkin bread pudding~which I must say was THE most amazing thing I ate all weekend! Absolutely divine! You must try it! Check out the recipe here.

I think I'll have some more for breakfast in the morning.

And that's a wrap on Thanksgiving! It was wonderful for us and I pray it was for you as well.

Now it's only 27 days till Christmas!!

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