01 November 2010

A Halloween Marathon

Five fall festivals/halloween events in two days is enough to wear even the kiddos out:) We've had one very fun and full weekend~from which I'm still recovering. (Is it a bad thing that the last time I remember being NOT tired is our 10th anniversary trip, 3-1/2 years ago?!).

Laura Ingalls and a race car driver

On Saturday our church small group hosted a fall festival for the families in it. It was really a blast! The kiddos wanted to wear something different than they had planned for halloween night, so I dug out an old costume of mine (believe it or not, my mom made that prairie girl outfit for me) for The Princess and Mr. B wore one of his (several) dress up outfits.

Everyone pitched in at the fall festival and created games for the kids. Vince made this Jonah & the whale game: you had to toss Jonah into the mouth of the whale. It was a big hit~turned out very cute!

There was also a pinata, a bounce around, crafts and more!

There was even a great story time for the kiddos using a pumpkin to tell about how Christ changes a person's life.

Vince and I dressed up as the Spartan cheerleaders. We already had the costumes and they were the only ones we had that matched:) Thank goodness we didn't have to do any actual cheers!

On Sunday afternoon a local church hosted a block party in our neighborhood, so we headed over for some more fun.
Cleopatra and Woody

Finally, after the kiddos thought they couldn't possibly wait any longer, the evening came and it was time for trick-or-treating! Vince dressed up as a ninja and off they went. I stayed in to hand out candy to the other kiddies.

After walking through our whole neighborhood (they started early...heehee), they decided to head over to our friends' church where we had been invited to *trunk or treat*.

I'm pretty sure we've got enough candy to last us until next Easter...or at least Valentine's Day!

My little Cleopatra and Woody sure did have a great weekend though, as if you can't tell by those big grins:)

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Nancy said...

So adorable! Love the costumes (I think I actually remember that prairie girl costume..LOL!) Sounds like you guys did a lot, but so much fun!!