29 November 2010

O Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Your Branches

We got our Christmas tree up this past week. It's the first time I've ever put mine up before Thanksgiving. After trying it, I think I still prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving to put it up, but my goal this year was to have my Christmas shopping and my decorating finished before December.

Here is a little video Vince put together of our tree trimming time. If you're wondering about that extra person helping, that's my sister.

P.S. Ignore the mess in the background:)

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Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Oh Lora! Your Christmas tree is so lovely! That was a nice team effort putting it together. My husband always does the lights and I do the rest. I love putting my ornaments on as each and every one means something to me -- and I can see the same is true for you! Enjoy the holiday season!

Marilyn said...


Your family is amazing! I'm going to come move in with you, OK? I'll start packing and see you later. Oh...I may bring a few more kids, if that's OK. GREAT!

Make it a great day,

Michelle M. said...

That looks great! Why don't you guys come over here tomorrow and try again, but with my tree :) The idea for the video is really cute.

Tina said...

Love the video! So fun! I always love to find blogs of those in ministry too!

Sherryd said...

Visiting through the Christmas Tour, so glad I came across your blog. The video was awesome, your little girl reminded me of my lil sugarmama! The music was like the cherry on top.. Merry Christmas to you and your family!