15 November 2010

One Thousand Gifts

0341. opportunities for my husband to travel and minister

0342. the blessing of having him back home again

0343. a fun unexpected lunch date with just me and my son

0344. the blessing of good friends for my children

0345. Christmas music

0346. the blessing that comes from giving

0347. finding an unexpected fun gift for someone you love

0348. flannel sheets

0349. a good book

0350. knowing that God has amazing plans for me and my family~Jeremiah 29:11

holy experience


Jimi Ann said...

Those are all such good things to savor! A date with your son - priceless. We were just discussing this morning when our favorite classical station would start the Christmas music. And, ahhh..cozy flannel sheets. Now, off I go to make lunch plans with my son...

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I'm totally all over the flannel sheets. We just put ours on the bed a couple of weeks ago. What a difference it made!