02 November 2010

Planning for the Holidays

Did you know it's only 51 days till Christmas? And only 21 days till Thanksgiving?!

Yes, I've got the holidays on my mind. Today I updated and made notes in my little Christmas notebook.

I've been perusing and dreaming through my new issue of Victoria magazine. I'm looking through ideas for handmade gifts, new recipes to try and old favorites to make again soon.

In a couple of weeks I'm hosting a holiday decor swap for the moms in my homeschool group. I'm really looking forward to that! Except that it means I need to get up in the attic asap and start going through all of that stuff. (Have I ever mentioned that the last time we moved 10% of our boxes were my Christmas things. I have a problem:).

I only have a few gifts purchased so far, but Vince and I have plans to spend all of our upcoming date nights eating cheap and shopping for the kiddos!

How about you? Are you already planning? Or are you finished and ready?

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Nancy said...

Oh, I'm so behind on the holidays. I desperately need to get started! I'm intrigued by your Christmas notebook. What all do you keep in it? (I'm looking for some new organization ideas if you can't tell!)