02 December 2010

The Annual Family Ornament Exchange

I know I've shared about this before, but it's one of my favorite family holiday traditions! For longer than I've been married~I can't remember when it began~my mom, sister and I have been exchanging ornaments on Thanksgiving. My mom started it and then we joined in the fun and we even include the guys now and, of course, the kiddos make a haul each year:) And any friends who are joining us for the day are also included. It's always so much fun!

This year I received some beautiful ornaments that I just had to share with you:

Vince surprised me this year with this gorgeous Princess and Prince Charming! Isn't it absolutely beautiful with their coach and castle?! I love it~he IS my Prince Charming:)

The kiddos and I found Yoda for Vince this year. I hadn't seen a blown glass one, he's so cute! Needless to say, Vince loved him. Now he has Darth Vader AND Yoda~who could ask for more?!

My mom gave me this adorable Santa with his bag all packed for Paris~she knows my love of Paris!My dad brought me this cute little pottery ornament from Guatemala. I love it when he brings ornaments from around the world!

My mom got Vince this cute little zebra. At least, I think it's a zebra, but Vince likes to call him his *zonkey*. That crazy guy:)

My sister made me this wonderful giant snowflake. Well, I'm pretty sure she didn't carve it, but she painted and glittered it and it turned out so pretty!

Our friend Tiffany joined us again this year and was so sweet to bring wonderful ornaments for everyone. I love my *L*!

So those are the new additions to our tree this year.

Boy, am I ever hoping and praying that I can one day again use my 9' tree because this 7' is completely full. And I really don't want to stop collecting ornaments:)


Kris said...

Hi Lora, I love that another family does ornaments also...My mom, sister, and I do the same thing except ours is done sometime after Thanksgiving! Now that I live in CO she has to mail them to me(: This year I found my lil sister a awesome high heel glittery shoe that is huge! Im upset that I couldnt find 2(: But we do include the kiddos too, I got my boys these old fashioned car ornaments this year, they love anything to do with cars, next year I would love to find a train ornament for them! my daughter is getting a cupcake ornament that I found with a snowman popping out the top and cinn stick arms! Thanks for sharing your tradition, I love that you understand the love of gifting ornaments(:

Ellen said...

Lora, I love your new ornaments! And just think, in the years to come, each one will have its own special memories.

Kari said...

I always have so much fun unpacking these every year. And this year, I got to explain all of them to new people! =)

steviewren said...

Your family has a great tradition and it's a fun way to collect meaningful ornaments.