15 December 2010

Dressing Up Our Stockings

Our stockings have been the topic of lots of conversations by the kiddos this holiday season. Mostly about what they might be getting in them, I'm sure, but also "which is whose favorite", "where did I get them", etc. The most frequent question though was "which stocking is yours and which is Dad's?"(since ours are identical, just opposite colors).

So with that in mind, I was inspired to get crafty and bead our initials to hang on our stockings. It was a simple matter of wire, beads and mini pair of craft pliers. I used templates from a Southern Living Christmas book that I've had for a while. I love the way they turned out! I simply attached them with a small stitch~to which my kids replied, "you sewed?!" Nothing like that to make you really determined to some day actually learn how to really sew.

I've actually made these before for family members for our annual ornament swap. They look very pretty hanging on the tree, too! They also make great gift tags for packages.

So I'm sharing the alphabet template with you today, just in case you've got extra beads and wire lying around waiting to be used. This is a fun (and fast) way to use them. So just click on this template and save it to your computer. You can enlarge it if you'd like, but I just usually look at the letter and shape the wire to the size I want.

Happy crafting!!


My Magnolia Cottage by Lori said...

Hi Lora! What a wonderful idea! I needing to add our names or initials to our our stockings and I hadn't come up with anything. This is a GREAT idea. Your stockings are so beautiful.

Merry CHRISTmas! Lori

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Thank you, Lori! Let me know if you try making some~I'd love to see them!

Sandy @ RE said...

So clever, girl! Beautiful!

Sarah-Wife, Mother, Friend, Writer said...

What a super great idea!