22 December 2010

What We've Been up to Lately

It's been tons of Christmas fun around here lately! Each day seems to have one more memorable activity for the kiddos~or all of us!

I'll pick up with our most recent fun and take you back through our past week (and a half or so).

Yesterday we went with my parents and sister to see the latest Narnia film. We are HUGE Narnia lovers and have loved the way these latest films have turned out~even if they're not exactly like the books. Of course, the books will always be my favorite!

On Christmas Sunday our church had a wonderful family service! The kiddos did a fun rendition of the Reliant K version of *The 12 Days of Christmas*. SO cute! Mr. B was in the *5 golden rings* part and The Princess was in the *8 maids a milking* group:) We also had some *friends* who came to tell all of the children a great Christmas story. It was a very fun, interactive service for the whole family.

Last weekend we took the kiddos ice skating. We have to drive about 1.5 hours to do this, so we only do it about once a year. We should really do it more often though~the kids have so much fun! And each time we go they do better and better (and I even do a little better:).

The Princess just takes off on her own now and has a blast!

I spend more of my time keeping Mr. B upright:

But he sure does have fun though~and he actually was skating on his own a little before the night was over. You can tell how excited and proud he was by the look on his face.

Last week we also joined our homeschool group for some caroling and handmade card delivery at our local nursing home. We have some wonderfully talented kiddos in our group and they were such a blessing to the residents there. My kids love caroling! We'll be joining my sister's youth small group for some more caroling tonight:)

Last week was also our homeschool group's Christmas skating party. We rarely go roller skating, but the kiddos always enjoy it. That's another thing we should do more often.

The family gatherings have begun as well. We've had our annual Christmas luncheon with my dad's extended family and also Christmas with Vince's immediate family.

Oh~and did I mention that Mr. B has a beautiful shiner for the holidays? Yep, that's what rough-housing with your sister will get you. So this year will definitely be remembered as *The Year of the Black Eye*.

I hope that you and your families are having TONS of Christmas fun, too!!


Kathy said...

Isn't this the BEST time of year? So many fun things to do! I love it!!!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Yes!! I love it, too!!

steviewren said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Lori!