28 January 2011

Egypt Bound: UPDATED

Update: Vince's trip has been postponed indefinitely due to the political turmoil going on in Cairo right now. We heard from his hosts there while going to the airport early this morning. They've been monitoring the situation closely and decided that the conference would need to wait. Of course, right after that we got that news that Delta had canceled all flights to Cairo. Vince is a bit bummed about not getting to go, but is still looking forward to going soon.

Well, I'm not Egypt bound, but Vince is tomorrow! I have to admit to just the tiniest bit of jealousy over his trip. I would love to be going with him. Maybe next time.

He'll be there helping to train local pastors and youth pastors on many aspects of youth ministry. It will be an exciting time!

I would really appreciate your prayers for his safety, the safety of the ministry team traveling with him and also the safety of their luggage.

And maybe a few prayers for me and the kiddos, too.



Ellen said...

Safe travels for Vince and everyone going on the trip! I'm sure it will be unforgettable in a GOOD way. :-)

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Thank you, Ellen!

Ellen said...

I was listening to the news about Egypt just this afternoon and wondered about Vince's trip. I'm glad they're waiting until it's safer to go, and that the trip was canceled before they were en route!