23 January 2011

Menu Plan Monday: January 24th

One week down cooking in someone else's kitchen. It was interesting. Trying to find where everything is located. Seeing what seasonings are available. Realizing that my mom has a ridiculous amount of food in her house for someone who almost never cooks anymore:)

So rather than necessarily try new things or make my parents our faves, I'm focusing on *pantry clean-out* for my mom...heehee I guess I expected her to have more convenience-type foods since she doesn't cook that much and she does have a little of that. But she also has tons of meat in her freezers and lots of things to prepare meals. So pantry clean-out time it is! Oh~and she thinks that's great, just in case you were wondering if I'd become the kitchen nazi:)

So this week we're having:

Monday: Pinto Beans with Ham, Fried Potatoes and Cornbread

Tuesday: Pot Roast with Carrots, Potatoes and Corn

Wednesday: Tostadas

Vince and I are taking the kiddos out before he leaves on his Egypt trip

Friday: Steak and Potato Scallop with salad

Saturday: most likely leftovers

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